Mini Mansions A Guy Walks Into A Bar

When you can state that a band consists of members from two bonafide super groups in the form of Queens of the Stone Age and The Last Shadow Puppets, you can safely assume that band is going to be cool as fuck.

It's a safe assumption to make, because that's exactly what Mini Mansions are. Playing to a crowd of no more than 200 people in the backroom of Cambridge's The Portland Arms, the three founding members have the audacity to bring human drum machine Jon Theodore on stage with them, confounding their suaveness levels to new heights, and making them the coolest foursome to ever step foot in this venue.

Intimacy suits Michael Shuman and co, who strut through opening numbers Freakout! and Death is a Girl and immediately shake the audience into action, transporting the Cambridge collective to a a New York City dive bar. And whilst the classic cuts are enjoyable, apart from Vertigo and the colossal Mirror Mountain, it's the new tracks which really stand out and steal the show tonight.

Midnight in Tokyo rides a groove which could go on all day and not get old, Works Every Time showcases the best solo of the night and GummyBear sounds like a classic cut already. It's Hey Lover and Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good) that take the gold though, the first a sultry ballad with a roaring bassline stabbed through the chorus, and the second an old school 70s vibe rock n roll stomper.

The bands new album A Guy Walks into A Bar... drops on the 26th of July 2019. And if you enjoy a sound which emits so much cool it feels contagious, I suggest you pick it up.

  1. Freakout!
  2. Death Is a Girl
  3. Creeps
  4. Midnight in Tokyo
  5. GummyBear
  6. Any Emotions
  7. Vertigo
  8. I'm in Love
  9. Monk
  10. Works Every Time
  11. Hey Lover
  12. Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good)
  13. Honey, I'm Home
  14. Mirror Mountain