Theophilus London feat Tame Impala Whiplash album art

*First article of 2019. Oh man.

Sometimes it takes a few months for a year to really get going music wise. 2019 has had a few great releases already, but this track is the first to really grab my attention and scream QUALITY in my face.

Theophilus London have teamed up with Tame Impala for a couple of tracks, and whilst their first Only You was good, its the second single Whiplash which really got my attention.

DISCLAIMER: This song was technically premiered back in 2018, so there is an argument to be had about its eligibility for 2019s first hit...but it was officially released in January so... counts.

The production on this thing is outstanding, musically layered with synthesizers and eletronica-influenced beats, London is able to rap effortlessly over the top, with Tame Impala adding their gang vocals to the chorus, which appears and jabs the listener with an ethereal one, two.

The crowning glory of this piece though, is that effect laden bass riff which has an iconic quality to it. You can already imagine this tune lighting up evening festival slots across the world.

At 2:49 its a tune which doesn't out stay its welcome, beckoning the listener into its neon-dusk atmosphere before showing them door before they get to comfortable. Lucky for us, they give you a stamp so you can back in.

Whiplash is available EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW.