The Guts - Slippery Disco

When you describe yourselves as a "five gut mathcore jump scare scream team" you set yourself up to make quite an impression. Five piece The Guts know this, but are fully aware that they have the ability to attack the senses with an, at times, dis-orientating brand of aggressive tech-hardcore.

Having released their debut EP Birth back in 2016, the band have since been honing their craft up and down the country, growing a reputation as a fierce live act and impressing audiences and the likes of Small Pond recordings, who have featured artists such as And So I Watch You From Afar and the Dillinger Escape Plan.

In anticipation of their sophmore EP, the band were kind enough to answer the now infamous introducing questionnaire. They reveal a love of post hardcore, supersymmetry and the large hadron collider as well, freeview adult entertainment!

You can read the answers in full below.

1. What is your favourite album and why?

Ben-Gut: Fake History by LetLive brought that epic af old school post-hardcore vibe (early Underoath / Glassjaw / early Fightstar etc) right outta 2005 and into the current scene, but like it was still super fresh, even original feeling, and without getting rid of any heaviness or huge breakdown-isms.

2. What is your least favourite album and why?

Dan-Gut: Metallica's St. Anger. I hate this album so much I wrote an entire hate piece about it for a magazine I briefly wrote for. Trash snare. Garbage lyrics. Don't get me started...

3. If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Ben-Gut: Deep dirty cuts.

4. What made you start making music?

Connor-Gut: It's somewhat the greatest of vices; the sheer output of animosity and pure adrenaline amalgamates into something truly unique.

That and the sexy boys and girls you pull on the regs.

5. Favourite swear word?

Weez-Gut: It's a toss-off between the old classics - fuck and cunt. Fuck can be used for as a noun, a verb, an adjective... Its diversity is a credit to the English language. And cunt because vaginas lol

6. If you could create a band from musicians (excluding yourselves) living or dead, who would you choose?

Connor-Gut: I've always thought if Metallica and Fetty Wap were to write an album, it would be the greatest thing to ever exist. An absolute pinnacle of musical genius.

7. Obvious musical skills aside, do any of you have any secret talents?

In all seriousness I was at CERN for a brief period researching Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Colider.

8. What is your favourite childhood TV show?

Joe-Gut: Favourite childhood tv show was babestation, I just found the many shades of orange the ladies came in very stimulating and always enjoyed imagining what kind of philosophies they were discussing with the person on the other end of the phone. 

9. Aside from music, what profession would you like to attempt and why?

Weez-Gut: Stuntwoman, shark-tamer or piranha-juggler. Something badass

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Joe-Gut: When I arrive at the pearly gates I want to hear God tell me that I'm a good lad and for him to ruffle my hair. Also that all the silicon stuffed babes from babestation are waiting to talk to me on the phone, thus answering the question that has dogged me my whole life.
The Guts are set to release their second EP entitled Flesh on the 1st October.