Gallows Relentless Lives of the Artists

I love Gallows. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that band were the punk rock ethos anthropomorphised into a five piece. Whether they were having the times of their lives, or destroying themselves on ill advised tours, they were never afraid to tell things exactly as they were.

"Lives of the artists" was a feature length documentary produced by Relentless energy drinks, which consisted of different musical performers showcasing how they dealt with the realities of life on the road. One of the artists involved in the film was Gallows, and their segment displayed exactly why the original line up soon parted ways after the making of this film.

This documentary focused on the harsher realities of being Gallows. Filmed during the Grey Britain era, during a mammoth stint on the infamous Warped Tour, the footage features three live cuts taken from their performances,  scenes of violence between singer Frank Carter and the crowd, and one on one interviews with the band in which they all look half dead.

It's a stark look at what happens to artists when they leave it all on the stage night after night. This band cared about what they did. They stood for something and eventually the burden of sharing that message to the masses took its toll.

The video is split into three parts below and lasts around 25 minutes in total. It is well worth your time, if just for the live performances alone.


Gold Dust

Part One

Part Two

Part Three