The Maccabees Live Newcastle 2017

Whilst the vast majority of the musical press was focused on the proceedings over at Worthy Farm, a smaller yet no less special event was happening up in Newcastle Upon Tyne. After a prestigious career spanning four albums, indie/arena outfit The Maccabees were staging a series of warm up dates for their farewell arena tour which happens over the next few weeks.

All things must come to an end...but one really must ask the band, why now exactly?

It's definitely not for a lack of interest, because as soon as the band take one step on stage the room goes ballistic. It's quite the reception, and even takes the band by surprise, the ever humble lead singer Orlando Weeks visibly taken aback by the sheer volume of those in attendance.

It's also not for an apparent dip in musical aptitude. I mean...that's never the cause of a musical break up, but for the structure of this article bear with me, ok? From the opening bars of Wall of Arms it's apparent this is a band on top form, even when playing first album cuts including Latchmere and Lego there are no lapses in concentration and no straying from the song sheet. Each track is given it's full due, much to the audiences delight.

Whatever the reason, it better be a good one, because it's a real shame to see a band of this quality call it a day. As they prepare for their forthcoming Manchester run and Alexandra Palace dates, they're sure to have doubts creep into their heads, even now, after hearing the rapturous reception they received after the final notes of Pelican in Newcastle, a few members must be thinking...have we really thought this through?

This was their swan song to the people of Newcastle, now it's on to Manchester and London. Bigger venues, but they'll struggle to get a bigger send off than this one. Enjoy it boys, you've deserved it.


1. Wall of Arms
2. Feel to Follow
3. Kamakura
4. Young Lions
5. WW1 Portraits
6. Love You Better
7. Spit it Out
8. Can You Give It
9. Precious Time
10. Silence
11. Latchmere
12. Lego
13. X-Ray
14. No Kind Words
15. Grew Up At Midnight
16. Something Like Happiness
17. Marks to Prove It
18. First Love
19. Toothpaste Kisses
20. Pelican