Introducing Ulrika Spacek

In need of music to get lost in this week? Look no further than than the ethereal grunge of London based Ulrika Spacek. The band are on the brink of releasing their sophomore effort Modern English Decoration and have just released their latest video for single Full of Men.

It's a song with a deep meaning and a pretty interesting video concept which the guys explain below...

"This song is a swipe at masculinity and we were going to make a video quite literally full of men but we didn't want to make something too obvious so ended up flipping the idea to play on the traditional female/housewife gender role in the setting of a cookery show, cutting up quite phallic things whilst under the male gaze of a camera man."

The band were kind enough to answer the now infamous introducing questionnaire and gave us some insight into their musical heritage, listening habits and just a touch of philosophy. You can read the bands answers below.

1. What is your favourite album and why?

That forever changes. For now, it's Slint - Spiderland. The atmosphere of that record is amazing.

2. What is your least favourite album and why?

Hard to say least favourite. Some albums suddenly make sense when you listen to them at a different time in your life. Without doubt, there are many awful albums.

3. If you had to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

Modern English Decoration.

4. What made you start making music?

Few of us went to a comprehensive school that had extra arts funding. There was a music room with a drum kit and amps. We were lucky in that from the moment we really started getting into music, we were able to start making it.

5. Favourite swear word?


6. If you could create a band from musicians (excluding yourselves) living or dead, who would you choose?

Jaki Lieberzeit, Johnny Greenwood, Stephen Malkmus, Carlos Dengler, Cat Power.

7. Obvious musical skills aside, do any of you have any secret talents?

Doesn't feel like that most of the time.

8. What is your favourite childhood TV show?

We mentioned Aquila the other day, we all loved the Simpsons.

9. If you weren't making music, what profession would you like to attempt and why?

Something that directly helps someone else. Sometimes I wonder whether making music is just an individualist form of escapism. Hiding from the world rather than confronting it. But when you put out a record you are contributing in some form. Making things is really important to us.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?


Ulrika Spacek will release Modern English Decoration via Tough Love Records on June 2nd.