Record Store Day 2017

It's Record Store Day on April 22nd! If you don't know what that is...well it's a day celebrating record stores. Pretty self explanatory, and in the age of the digital download, it's a nice nod to the sanctuaries of the physical format which rely upon music fans dedicated custom.

Artists always put out limited edition releases to celebrate the date, and 2017 is no exception. In fact 100s of artists have committed to putting out some new merchandise this year, and I've decided to support the cause and tell you all to GET DOWN TO A BLOODY RECORD STORE AND BUY THESE, YEAH?

The Cure's Greatest Hits & Acoustic Hits

Goth pop rock icons The Cure are releasing both their greatest hits and acoustic hits (which I can only assume is the greatest hits...but played acoustically) on vinyl. You should own the greatest hits already, but picking it up in alternate formats is always recommended.

Gerard Way - Into The Cave We Wander

Laid back, sleepy vibes from the former My Chemical Romance pairing of Gerard and Ray Tovo. This is brand new music from the guys, and is being released alongside another new track Pogi's Cavern, both of which were created to accompany the comic book series ‘CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE’.

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression Live at the Royal Albert Hall

How good does that sound? Well the rest of the concert sounds just as good, so go buy this. It features classic tracks such as the above, as well as cuts from Post Pop Depression, which was pretty great. And yes that's Josh Homme and Matt Helders up there with him, amongst other notable names.

The Lumineers - Seeds 1: Long Way Home and Angela

One of the more creative releases this year, this exclusive 10" inch vinyl shows the progression of two of the bands most popular tracks from their No.1 sophomore album Cleopatra (Angela and Long Way From Home) from initial demo, through recording to the live entity.

Placebo Feat. David Bowie - Without You I'm Nothing

This will be the first ever pressing of Without You I'm Nothing, the Placebo single featuring the vocals of David Bowie. Originally released in 1999 on CD only, it will be released for the first time on vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2017. A track which has only become more poignant with time.

Toto - Africa/Rosanna

Two massive 80's hits and it's being released on AFRICA SHAPED VINYL. So...well there's nothing else to say really. Interesting fact, a friend got married to a panpipe version of Africa. It was good.