I've been running consistently for around nine months or so. I recommend it as a past time, it's good exercise and acts as a time out for your brain. That's because you don't have time to focus on anything but running, meaning all those other things that have been bugging you throughout the day have to take a back seat.

"I can't believe Debbie said that in this mornings meeting!"

"Shut up Alex, you have some terrain to manoeuvre and I'm trying to keep us upright."

"Nice one, brain."


For the most part I listen to podcasts whilst out. Currently I'm listening to a lot of The Joe Rogan Experience, which really does play host to all sorts of topics of conversation. From MMA to psychedelics, he gets a myriad of personalities to take part in his back and forth interviews, and with an average running time of around three hours, they get to explore avenues that you would never expect.

As well as listening to a shed load of podcasts, which help you to take your mind off the (at times) arduous task at hand, I also like listening to very angry music. Fast and angry music to be specific.

This acts as motivation I guess. High energy/ high aggro rock music really gets the legs moving, although you need to try and not head bang too hard as it has a habit of throwing you off balance.

I decided to jot down twenty songs that I always come back to when I'm in need of a some adrenaline to spark a second wind. There's actually a few pop numbers in there, as well as a cavalcade of throat tearing guttural roars from some of rocks finest.

If this playlist doesn't get you moving a little faster (even if that's because you're reaching for the stop button) then I have failed. You can take a look at the list of tracks below, take them down to the treadmill next time and see if it does you any good.

Note: Bleeding from the ears is a common side effect of sticking this on. It's nothing to worry about, trust me. I'm a music blogger.