Soft Hair Band
Photo credit: Erwan Fichou
Well. That's a strange image to announce your new band with, isn't it? We should expect no less of course, this is a group made up of former Late of the Pier and current LA Priest man Sam Dust/Eastgate and the equally experimental Connan Mockasin.

The name of this new group? Soft Hair, and they have announced the release of their first album on October 28th.

The album’s recording took place over five years amongst the pair’s solo careers and outside lives. After the dispersion of Late of the Pier, whom Connan supported on tour in 2009 (the first time the two met), Sam travelled in the far east, Africa, Europe and elsewhere, spending time inventing his own instruments, producing and directing, and re-emerging as LA Priest in 2015 with debut solo album Inji.

Connan meanwhile released the albums Forever Dolphin Love and Caramel, and toured the world extensively, working with artists such as James Blake, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Vince Staples.

The songs on this album were written and recorded in a wide array of locations using methods that neither Mockasin nor Dust had used previously, developed by the pair from the start of its creation. As a result, the record gives the listener a view into an exotic world with a blend of familiar, unfamiliar and unconventionally attractive sounds.

Sounds good right? Want to hear more right?

Lucky for you they've already released a new video for the song Lying Has To Stop. Watch it below, it's...a bit odd. But again, what did you expect?