Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Year of the Snake

I love a good band documentary, especially if that band is one of the most exciting in the UK. Frank Carter has a good track history with these sort of things, back in his days with Gallows, Relentless released an "Lives of the Artists" piece about the bands experiences in the US on the Warped Tour. It was intense viewing, and at times a tad bleak...

This time things are a lot more positive, "Year of the Snake" covers the creation and rise of the band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. From the first ever show at the London tattoo studio Sang Bleu, all the way through to their most recent tour, the video features both live footage and an exclusive interview with Frank. It’s a great insight into one of the UK’s most exciting frontmen and also how chaotic and riotous the band’s shows can be.

Frank himself has had a few words to say about the documentary...

“Year of the snake is a short documentary following the rise and rise of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. It's been an intense year for us and we were lucky enough to have Max Horn document it all in a very intimate way. From the very beginning show at Sang Bleu tattoo, right up to this January when we went into the studio to start making something very special indeed. Thank you all for an amazing year, here's to the rest of them.”

The documentary ends with a hammer on filled riff and footage of Frank back in the studio. It's a tantalising teaser for the future and a strong indication that this band has a lot more to say in 2016.

You can watch the documentary below, it's worth it trust me.