Domo Genesis Artwork

There's so much good music floating about recently, from all sides of the spectrum.

Artists have decided that Spring is the time to jump into action, and the sheer volume of great tunes below justifies that opinion. In fact it more than justifies it, it CONFIRMS it. How else can you explain all the good music down there?

Take a look at the tunes below and flood your playlists with top draw tuneage. There's no need to thank me, no really...seriously stop!

I mean if you really insist, you can always share this blog about, but it's really not necessary.

Domo Genesis - Dapper feat. Anderson. Paak

From the school of OFWGKTA comes Domo Genesis. Dapper is a laid back tune that will still be spinning by the time summer comes round, where it will inevitably become an essential on any BBQ playlist.

Greys - No Star

Toronto punks Greys unleash melodic hell on their latest offering No Star, an exciting look into what we can expect on album two. Listen to Greys.

Kvelertak - 1985

AC/DC possessed by a satanic spirit. That pretty much sums up this track from Kvelertak, Norwegian rock lords who are coming for your soul.

Mystery Jets - Bubblegum

Mystery Jets have been a consistently good band for coming up to ten years now, so why I was surprised about how good this latest tune was from them, I don't quite know. It is great though, with a menacing almost motivational verse rhythm that screams EPIC.

Chrome Sparks - Tunnelrunner

Otherworldly electro vibes from an up and coming producer. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on, it's time for lift off.

The 1975 - Please Be Naked

This is just a preview...but I urge you to check out the full version over on the usual channels. Gorgeous atmospheric synthesizers from a band who have just about conquered the world.

Weezer - California Kids

Weezer can write a pop rock tune. They've proven that time and time again. They've all got a pop hook, but overall the songs are a bit too heavy for their own good. It's a formula that is working for the boys however, so their sticking with it. I for one, am glad.

Jeff Buckley - Dream of You and I

This is about as close to new Jeff Buckley material as we're ever going to get. A recording of Buckley explaining and playing a musical arrangement plucked straight from his dreams. Oh Jeff.

Jack U - Mind feat. Kai

Ok, so this was released last year, so what? The video came out in...February, so what? It's my list I can do what I want. Screw you.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Everything You've Come To Expect

Ok so things got a little heated back there, I'm sorry. To make up for everything, here is the new Last Shadow Puppets tune. Weird druggy vibes and a video as bewildering and hypnotising as the music behind it. The boys are well and truly back.