Boneface Daft Punk
Artwork - Boneface
Weird music is good for a few things. It can expand your mind, scare your older relatives and can gain you respect in those music cliques you simply must be a part of.

"Hey have you listened to the new Moostiphy record? It's got a choir of geese that sound like Alan Rickman doing a Bob Marley impression."

I made Moostiphy up, but you get the idea.

Expanding your mind is well worth doing however, and I don't mean in a LSD/magic mushroom sense. No no, music can be quite exciting, more than that it can be confusing, even frightening. All too often, music is type casted as a device to get your head nodding, and while that is undeniably true in the majority of cases, it can also do many different things.

Like frighten the living shit out of you for example...

Rolo Tomassi - French Motel

Or make you look around nervously...

The Mars Volta - Askepios

It can immerse you in noises previously thought unmake-able....

Nine Inch Nails - The Great Destroyer

It can throw two genres, separated by almost a century, together to (admittedly) head nodding effect...

The McMash Clan - Swing Break Feat. Kate Mullins

Or immerse you in someones emotions. Giving you a deeply personal insight into how another human being is feeling.

Earl Sweatshirt - Solace

Intense stuff (apart from that dubsteppy number I threw in for the lols).

PS - How good is that new Foals tune? Jeez.