Rou Reynolds Musics Social Value

Frontman of British rockers Enter Shikari, Rou Reynolds, has posted his talk entitled 'Music's Social Culture' from Z Day 2014 for us all to enjoy. At 36 minutes long, it discusses the importance of music in todays society and how, when utilised effectively, it can be one of the most powerful methods of unifying and enlightening us as a species.

Its well worth watching and is a well researched and well thought out presentation on what music means to him. Of course since the talk is coming from the vocalist of in his words a 'modern punk rock band' there are some controversial points. His points about "socially unconscious" music are strong and his views on the state of our current systems are as damning as they are in his music, but thats what makes this talk so great.

To hear someone so passionate about what they do and so focused on not only pointing out, but suggesting solutions to the many problems our world faces is refreshing. Even if your not a fan of his musical output this is well worth just over half an hour of your time.

"Countries are just lines, drawn in the sand" - Rou Reynolds