Royal Blood UK

*Photo by Horst Friedrichs

Have you switched on the radio lately? If you have you will be no doubt aware that there is a distinct lack of fuzzy guitars and pounding drums present on the airwaves. So how pleasant it was to switch on the radio this evening and hear the cacophony that is 'Royal Blood'.

Formed in Brighton, Royal Blood consist of Michael Kerr (Bass/Vocals) and Ben Thatcher (Drums) and if their latest single 'Out of the Black' is the precedent they have set themselves, you are about to hear a lot about them in the next year.

Four minutes of alternative rock goodness with stop start riffs, tribal drumming and the kind of vocal performance that wouldn't sound out of place on the main stage at Reading and Leeds. Its a track that makes you want to put down the glowsticks and the banjos, which are so prominent in radio today (at times in the same track cheers Avicii), and headbang until you can taste colours (not advised).

For fans of QOTSA, Muse, At The Drive-In and Pulled Apart by Horses.

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