New York's finest are back.

we are scientists new album

'Something About You' is the first song to be released from their forthcoming album and confirms that a world with new We Are Scientists (WAS)  music is better than one without. With a looping summertime guitar riff and an excellent pop hook chorus this song is vintage WAS. Fans can expect to hear it included in the setlist for their run of shows happening in the UK in a couple weeks time.

The song is released as a 7 inch on Tuesday the 16th of July with a track entitled 'Let me Win' completing the double A-side release. The band briefly elaborated on the release in their online newsletter tentatively titled 'The Feedbag'. Here is that short excerpt for your reading pleasure...

"We played one just once in California last month, and the other has never been heard by human ears! And they're both damn fine"

They have a point! 'Something About You' is damn fine and only time will tell about 'Let Me Win'. For the time being let's enjoy what we have, below is the new track so have a listen and make your own opinions! Is this another song to add to the ever growing bag of hits WAS possess? Or is it one to leave on the cutting room floor?

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