Kings of Leon

A brief story entitled When Reputation Dictates Music Taste.

Back in 2008 a distressed man sat in his bedsit. He had a cold glare fixed on his now blank emotionless face. Picking himself up, he dusted his lap and walked towards the kitchen after realising it had been almost 24 hours since he last ate.

As he quietly shuffled towards sustenance he caught a glimpse of himself whilst passing a mirror. He stopped abruptly. The last time he passed this mirror he remembered thinking to himself 'I can't wait to tell the lads how great this album is'. Oh how things had changed. The optimism, the glee it had all vanished. With his thick rimmed glasses and Tom Vek t-shirt the man started 'Kings of Leon...' but couldn't muster a word more. At that moment the phone rang. It was his mother.

'Hey I picked up that CD from that band you like' she began.
'Yeah?' he replied with an inquisitive tone.
'Yeah! I have to say i'm impressed! I usually think your musics a bit weird and boring but this is great!' she continued

The man bites his fist. Its even worse than he first thought.

'Sex on Fire and Use Somebody are my favourites but I...' 

The man lowers the phone from his ear as his mother continues to praise the record entitled 'Only by the Night'. So many thoughts are entering his mind. He needs to act fast! In the next five minutes the man deletes the discography of his once favourite band from his itunes, tears down the numerous posters from his walls and quickly posts all over social media the phrase 'Kings of Leon = SELL OUTS!'. 

The man, freshly awoken from his trance like state stands there sated. He has preserved his hipster status. A successful evolving band are now the point of ridicule. 

The End

Kings Of Leon - Charmer

This was the atypical reaction of many a hipster back in 2008. Only by the Night was a break out record for a band who were very much the indie cool kids choice for several years before. Since then the band have headlined festivals across the world, had number one hits in both album and single format, released another recorded entitled Come Around Sundown and won a truckload of awards. So who needs a few hipsters right?

Anyway the band are back and have released the first single from their forthcoming album Mechanical Bull and its an absolute gem.

This has got a lot of people very excited. It jumps out at you with an energy and youthfulness which almost nobody was expecting, not even the band!  Bassist Jared Followill told NME the new album is not what they were expecting to record.

"I thought we were going to make a really mature album but I'm amazed how youthful it sounds, It's like a mix of Youth & Young Manhood and Because of the Times".

Along with 'Supersoaker' the band have been playing another song believed to be on the new album called 'It Don't Matter' a riff heavy number which was showcased for the first time in New York last month.

All signs are pointing to Mechanical Bull being a storming record but we won't know for sure until its released on September 24th. A while yet but you can catch KOL headlining V Festival on Saturday August 17 if you can't wait until then.

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