Have you heard that new Daft Punk tune! It's got Pharrell in it! You know that guy from N.E.R.D? Oh you have heard it. Of course you have. Everyone has. Umpteen times. It's still bloody good though, but  let's mix things up a bit shall we? Below is the Obenhaus Remix of 'Get Lucky' which is just as funky as the original.

Yes it's the return of the robots from France! Their new album Random Access Memories (RAM) is streaming online and people all over the world are falling in love with them all over again. The unique thing about Daft Punk is that their music is almost universally acknowledged as excellent, and to not like their output is regarded as a statement rather than an opinion. The only other act who has that sort of power over people (that springs to mind) is Radiohead, and even they polarised opinion with their latest effort "The King of Limbs".

As soon as RAM appeared online, people were fighting to express their personal opinion about the record on social media, just so they could feel a part of an album that now feels like a phenomenon. So what makes Daft Punk so powerful? Is it just the back catalogue? It is a mighty one, in fact one of the mightiest of any music act around today let alone a dance act.

Daft Punk

Although this is the case, the attitude and mystique of the duo are what makes them one of the most vital artists today. In an interview with Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, they told him they were not even thinking about touring the new album yet, despite pioneering the new era of electronic music performance with their 2006 show called 'The Pyramid'.

"We're not interested in touring right now for a few reasons, we have just spent five years working on this record trying to bring life back to the art of recording. It's pretty surreal you know, we recorded this record over the last five years and we are pretty disconnected from the rest of the world." they told Zane Lowe.

Daft Punk Live Japan 2006: The Pyramid

Its decisions like these that make us love them more and more. They're always looking to innovate and are always ready to explore avenues forgotten by emerging trends. Electronic artists such as Skrillex, Flux Pavilion and their peers put out music and tour it extensively. The idea of letting a record breathe on its own without a live show adding to it is almost unheard of nowadays and its refreshing. 

So Random Access Memories. I won't spoil it for you and I won't alter your listening experience with my words, but what I will say is that if you're a fan of the French duo and you're a fan of the music they produce then you'll be a fan of this. The future is here, and it sounds great.

Alex Jones

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