Having recently watched Muse's latest music video effort for the track "Supremacy" it occurred to me that although their musical back catalogue is strong, their video efforts have been less than inspiring for the most part. Having said that the "Supremacy" video is one of their best offering to date.
Supremacy Muse Goths Surfing

Featuring death metal surfers and stunning shots of the paradise like setting the band perform in, it just works and compliments the song perfectly. I'm not saying its the greatest video ever created, far from it but its well worth a watch.

Music videos are a tricky art form to master. Providing appropriate imagery to music without appearing cliché or derivative is something that takes a lot of work and imagination. Artists can sometimes be nonplussed about the medium, after all its not really top of the agenda as a band and when the time comes to create one, the easy way out is to just film a performance and be done with it. But the acts who do this are missing a great opportunity to uncover additional meanings and avenues to tracks they so lovingly put together, not to mention the amount of additional plays a good video will get on the music channels. And what if it goes viral!? Your song could be streamed into millions of peoples homes all because of the accompanying video. Music videos are important and here are some great ones.

Radiohead - Just

One of my favourite videos of all time which is a great example of how a video can add to a song. As soon as the lead character lies down on the ground the video begins to build this mystery around why the character is acting in such a way. And the ending is just fantastic. To be honest this should of been last because it doesn't get better than this. Oh well, if you haven't seen this before your in for a treat.

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

Star power, mindless violence and a great soundtrack. The sequel to "Fight For Your Right", this video continues the tradition of fantastic videos by the rap trio who really pull out all the stops for this one. It's a name that star game throughout with cameos from just about every american comic actor around proving just how popular the Beastie Boys are. Elijah Woods mime rapping is pretty masterful as well.

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Probably the greatest cover song ever performed. There's not much that can be said about this emotional masterpiece to be honest with you. Its a powerful four minutes of pensive imagery and heart wrenching lyrics sang by the man in black who sadly died 7 months after filming. Widely regarded as the best music video ever made.

Weezer - Buddy Holly

Straight up technological wizardry utilised to perfection in this classic Weezer video,transporting the band to the 50s and giving them the honour to perform in front of the fonz. The band had zero interaction with any of the original cast not even Al who chats to the bassist at the end! A highly entertaining watch which will pick you right up after the depressing yet brilliant Johnny Cash video.

Kill The Noise - Kill The Noise Part 1

Outrageously Tarantino-esque b-movie plot with gratuitous violence and cyber punk visuals, this video packs a punch. Definitely not considered a classic, this is for people who want fast paced thrills which looks great but can probably be considered derivative in terms of plot. Still worth a watch however!

I could go on! In conclusion: ARTISTS! MUSIC VIDEOS ARE IMPORTANT.