I've decided to start a blog. After recently signing up to "Linked In" I noticed that there was a spot in which you could lead prospective employers towards a blog, therefore giving them a small insight into my writing style and personality etc. So this could be seen as a cynical attempt to ensnare myself some additional work...which is only partly true.

I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time now and the "Linked In" aspect was just the additional push I needed to get the ball rolling. SO. Now that its here, what will this blog feature? Well all sorts. Which is a boring and generic answer but its the truth! I think the first thing on the agenda is a round up of my favourite music of 2012, which is guaranteed to be a rip roaring read filled with artists who make what I consider music but what others consider "noise". End of year lists are very predictable but I need to ease myself into this blogging malarky.

I'm also a big Liverpool F.C fan, so I might delve into the season so far, maybe suggest a new direction and a few tactics to give Brendan something to think about. Or I may just talk about the enigma that is Raheem Sterling and that with his quite frankly astounding personal life and his fantastic ability there is no reason why he won't be one of the leagues biggest talking points over the next few years.

I write for ESP magazine, so I may plug that from time to time as well as attempting to get a few more twitter followers (@Alex_Jonze) and YouTube channel views (http://www.youtube.com/user/gogogolf11?feature=mhee). Its starting to sound like this blog is in fact just a big self promotion tool, which is again only partly true...I promise.

More than anything else I hope that this blog is entertaining and enjoyable to read. I shan't be sticking to Reithian standards nor will I be entirely serious throughout my ponderings. I have after all, already proclaimed Raheem Sterling the future of football, which many of you will probably laugh out loud at.

So yes that was the introduction. Next time I write on here it will be a fully fledged blog post filled with witty remarks and academic insights...probably. I do hope you enjoy it.

Alex Jones.